My name is May. Just like you, I had struggled with trying to find ways to improve my life condition after total thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer when I was 19 years old. The T4 or T3 meds prescribed by various doctors did not help me. I missed having energy and I turned into someone who had turn myself in to my bedroom before 8 PM. It was awful. And that's why I'm so passionate about this site. I want to be one of the advocates to spread the researches on natural desiccated hormones that turned my life and many other lives around.


Please feel free to email or text me. I might not be able to answer all of your health questions but I will certainly do my best to share scientific knowledge I have found during the years.


info@thyroidthailand.com | USA: (+1) 801-660-0756  | TH: (+66) 096-979-3070